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Ground Care Package

Our Ground Care Package is designed for your club, to ensure you get exactly what you need and at the right time of the year.
This means, we take all the ordering and monetary headaches off your hands and help your club avoid large financial investments at key times of the year, ie: Pre & Post season renovation.

How does this work?
We average out your yearly spend with us and break this down into small monthly deposits, payable by direct debit and which remain as credits on your account with us. We will then contact you to confirm your order requirements and arrange delivery. The minimum monthly payment is £150.00. This service can be paused or cancelled at any time.

What if I need more?
If you wish to order extra, no problem! This is added to your account as normal.
If your account is not upto date, we will notify you.

What else do I need to know?
By joining, you also gain access to the following;

- FREE Visit & Soil Sample (Cricket/Bowling Club).

- FREE Micro-nutrient report.

- FREE All-Year round Treatment Calendar.

- Priority access to services from verti-draining, liquid fertiliser application and sand spreading.

*Only used on products, not services.

What happens next?
Signing up is safe and secure and powered by Once you have signed up, our office team will be notified and will begin to process your account accordingly.

Remember, you can still order by phone and confirm quantities as well as delivery dates.
We look forward to speaking to you soon!


Securely sign your club up today and join those clubs who we are helping achieve year round treatment and support..jpg