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Battersby Soluable Iron Fertiliser
This is the product found in many domestic fertiliser ‘three in one’ formulations that is responsible for the moss turning black. It can also be used to provide a rapid green up of turf ahead of a special event in a garden on the lawn. It has a very low cost per square metre and easy to apply as a foliar spray via a garden sprayer or knapsack. It dissolves in cold water easily without the need for constant agitation but a little tepid water will help it dissolve even quicker. Should you not gain adequate moss control first time around, mostly as a result of not applying sufficient water or product during the process, repeat the application one week later.

- Much better than traditional Lawn Sand.
- Rapid green up of the turf for around 6 weeks, with fantastic moss control properties.
- Apply Soluble Iron and then apply a granular lawn fertiliser a few weeks later.
- Care should be taken around brickwork otherwise it may leave a stain.

Technical Information:
- Please take sensible precautions during use.

- See label for full details.
- 10KG Bucket.
- Moss Control in Turf -
10 Kg will treat 3600 square metres per single application in at least 150 litres of water. Mix 1.4Kg of Soluble Iron per 500sqm in 15L of Water as a minimum.
- Turf Hardening & Cosmetic Greening Up
10Kg will treat 7200 square metres per single application for greening up turf in at least 150 litres of water. Mix 0.7Kg of Soluble Iron per 500sqm in 15L of Water minimum

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