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SEATURF COMPLETE: 12-0-6 - 10 Litres




Seaturf Complete
A soluble Seaweed product specially formulated for sports and amenity turf;

  • Helps increase photosynthesis to produce good turf colour without rapid growth
  • Increases soil microbial activity to break down organic matter and release nutrients
  • Produced from the seaweed laminaria digitata, considered the finest for use on sports and amenity turf
  • Dual action with foliar and root uptake
  • Stimulates root development and chlorophyll production
  • Nitrogen and potash aid wear recovery and resistance to drought

Technical Information:
NPK 12 + 0 + 6
- Application Rate: 660 ml/100 m2 in 3-9 litres of water
- 10 Litres

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