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AUTUMN & WINTER: 3-6-8 + 4%fe - 20KG


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£31.35 ex.VAT

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Battersby's Autmn & Winter Mini Granular Fertiliser
Autumn/Winter 3-6-8 + 4% Fe is a mini granular fertiliser for use in the autumn and winter months of grass lawns and turfs. Offering a mineral/organic for extended release with added iron to assist with disease prevention.

Apply from September onwards, but not during frosts as too much nitrogen late in the season can result in fresh growth that can be easily damaged by early frosts. The low phosphorous content avoids excess amounts of phosphorous when growth slows down coming into winter - avoiding run off and preventing pollution in water courses. Potassium aids plant health, temperature control and root growth so turf is better able to capture available nutrients and cope with the British weather extremes.

Technical Information:
NPK 3-6-8 + 4%fe
- Application Rate: 35 g/sq.m
- Not suitable for application during frost.
- 20KG Bag

Months of Use
Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb

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