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AUTUMN LIQUID FERTILISER: 3-6-6 + Fe - 20 Litres



Battersby Autumn Liquid Fertiliser
An autumn/winter fertiliser with a heightened Potassium content to give the plant strength to fight off any potential pathogen attack or stressful conditions. Low Nitrogen and Phosphate levels will slow the growth for the autumn/winter period so as not to flush and create week growth. The added iron will support the higher Potassium component to create a healthy plant heading into winter.

Technical Information:
NPK 3 - 6 - 6 + Fe
- Liquid Fertiliser
- Application Rate: 30 litres per hectare diluted in 400-1000 Litres water per hectare.
- Can be applied every 6-8 weeks.
- For use in the autumn/winter with added iron to green up and harden turf.
- 20 Litres

Months of Use
Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb

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