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Aminosorb Foliar
A foliar absorbed supplement containing Amino acids that are natural organic molecules that enhance processes such as seed germination and root and shoot growth.  Under normal conditions grass plants synthesise their own amino acids but under stress conditions they may need a little help.  Amino-sorb is a proven amino acid supplement that helps turf under stress conditions.

  • Provides relief from stress
  • Helps maintain turf quality by stimulating plant metabolism
  • Increases photosynthesis rate and chlorophyll concentration
  • Creates ideal conditions for weedkillers and fungicides

Application Rates:
- Golf and bowling greens
Apply 150-250 ml/500 m2 in 15-25 litres of water

- Tees, fairways and sports pitches
Apply 3-5 l/ha in 300-500 litres of water

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